Neutrons: Cradle to Grave workshop,
Coimbra, Portugal, September 6th 2016

- Requirements/Developments for a (bidirectional) Monte Carlo variance reduction method applied to neutron beamline transport systems.

From the workshop announcement:
"The workshop is aimed at discussing how optimisation techniques, variance reduction schemes e.g. as implemented in CombLayer and RESTRAX can benefit other codes, e.g. McStas. Further, the collaboration aims to share code and know-how wherever possible, e.g. component models between RESTRAX and McStas."

The workshop was held as an activity of Task8.1 in the WP8 "e-tools" workpackage in the EU SINE2020 Project. From the workpackage description:

This task will develop and assess new e-science tools for very accurate simulation of neutron beam-lines. The activity brings together experts from both (a) neutronics, e.g. MCNP used for simulating production and transport of neutrons from the target through moderators and reflectors and (b) Monte Carlo ray-tracing, e.g. McStas and RESTRAX, which simulate the transport of neutrons along guides and their interaction with other optical elements and samples. The combination of these two types of code will give a unique tool for optimising instruments and experiments from the source to the sample, including shielding and thus background optimisation. This will increase the realism of neutron simulation to a completely new level, since also unwanted spurious scattering signals are modelled, thereby addressing the signal-to- background ratio of instruments for the first time. Based on existing prototypes, the collaboration aims to deliver an easier-to-use and benchmarked solution, as well as establish networking and knowledge sharing between the partners and facilities.

Slides and video recordings of workshop talks are available below.

SpeakerPresentation topicsVideo link
Peter Willendrup, DTU/ESS
Welcome, agenda, setup (No slides)
(no video)
Erik B Knudsen, DTU
McStas-MCNP interface solutions
Video #1 (partial)
Thomas Kittelmann, ESS
MCPL "Monte Carlo Particle List" interchange format
Video #1
Xiao Xiao Cai, DTU/ESS
NCrystal, coherent scattering library for Geant4
Video #1
Emmanouela Rantsiou, PSI
Code, simulations and experiments including guides at BOA, PSI
Video #2
Douglas Di Julio, ESS
Metaheuristics for Vitess, simulation of laminar shielding problems (Talk cancelled)
(no video)
Phil Bentley, ESS
Neutron acceptance diagram methods
Video #2
Steven Lilley, STFC
Initial experiences using Advantg in fusion and spallation
Video #2
Stuart Ansell, ESS
"MCNP model builder / CombLayer, "fast" beamline constructor, variance reduction. Instrument background calculations for long beamlines at the ESS."
Video #3
Jan Saroun, NPI
RESTRAX/SIMRES reverse tracing, optimisation, McStas reverse tracing prototype
Video #3

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 654000.

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